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Obesity means excess of body fat . Causes of obesity might be over eating , genetic make up , consumption of a high fat diet , and lack of exercise . Obesity increases a person’s risk of Cardiac Diseases , Diabetes , Stroke etc . According to WHO survey in 2016 over all about 13% world’s population were obese in 2016 . Over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5 to 19 were overweight or obese in 2016.

In ayurveda there exist 7 dhatus which constitutes the physical body namely Rasa , Rakhta , Mansa, Meda , Asthi , Majja , shukra . The nourishment of these happens through food that gets converted to rasa dhatu which in turn nourishes rakhta and so on until the shukea dhatu is nourished , but in case of an obese individual the problem exist at the level of medo dhatu and the nourishment of the next dhatu is hampered and thus more and more medas ( fat ) gets deposited , making the person obese. Too much of medas increaess the kapha disha in the body . Another cause according to ayurveda is excess fat or medas increase the digestive fire thus it in turn increases the appetite which leads the individual to eat excessively. In obesity there will also be an increase in the Vata Dosha which increases the digestive fire . So ayurveda deals with obesity by treating Vata and kapha through shodana karma and shamana aushadis.

At PVA we assess the BMI ( Body Mass Index ) of the individual along with doshas and customize a treatment plan according to the requirements of the individual . Usually any of the panchakarma is done according to the condition of the person which is then followed by other therapies like Udwarthana ( Powder Massage ), we also provide dietary advice along with shamana aushadis.

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