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Skin Problems and Disorders

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and it covers and protects our body . Skin diseases can be caused due to infections by bacteria , fungus , virus or parasites or environmental factors Skin diseases vary from acne to cancers , and is very prevalent in today’s pollution ridden environment. According to a survey conducted 60% of indian population suffer from skin diseases . And in a global perspectivet’s said that almost 73% of people with skin Disorders do not seek medical advice thus the prevalence is more . Skin diseases usually present with itching , rashes , swelling .

According to ayurveda skin diseases are caused by imbalances of the three doshas , the imbalance of these doshas are attributed to the food and lifestyle changes we undergo constantly. Among these 3 doshas the Pitta Dosha is the one that usually causes skin diseases. Ayurveda treats each skin diseases according to the vitiated doshas involved , ayurveda is a science which beloved in testing the root cause of the problem thus it concentrates on correcting the underlying cause thus we correct the vitiated dosha. The skin issues are usually treated by detoxification therapies and also internal medication. It is said the skin is the mirror of the body , any problem with any of the systems of the body is shown on skin . So saying healthy skin equal healthy body would not be wrong.

We as PVA treat the skin diseases after a very detailed consultation with our experts who assess your basic prakriti / body type and later the vitiated doshas . There after we detox your body with any of the panchakarma and then go ahead with specific treatments along with shamana Aushadhi ( internal medicines ) and also advice you on Pathya and Apathya ( do’s and Sony’s ) for your condition .

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