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Aging has always been one of the worries mankind had since the advancement of medicine . Wrinkles , grey hair the signs of aging has always send people in to a frenzy , everyone wants to age gracefully but how ??!! This age old question has been answered by Ayurveda ages ago we are just catching up to it now . Ayurvedic science has been classified into  8 branches so as to try and learn the vast amount of  ancient knowledge and one of those branches is Rasayana/ Rejuvenation.

The simple meaning of rejuvenation according to Webster’s Dictionary is to make young or youthful again . And that is what Ayurveda offers , it offers you the youthful energy both to your body and mind . Aging is your body literally slowing down , your metabolism and your digestion both slows down so does the cellular repair causing your body to slow down . Thus your body start showing signs of aging to all our dismay

In Ayurveda the correction of the digestion and then the metabolism is done first using detoxification therapies/ Shodana Karma and once the body is purified of all the ama ( toxins ) then Rasayana therapies like Navara , Pizhichil , Shirodhara , Abhyangam .

At PVA we do Rasayana therapies in combination with Panchakarma thus helping to tone up the muscles , increase the immunity power of the individual , brings vigour in the body and also gives a very calm mind . Thus the individual is truly rejuvenated , we also give the person a very relaxing environment in between the herbs thus helping your rejuvenate both body and mind .

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