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It’s a headache of varying intensity accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound . In migraine the pain appears mostly on one side of the head but in some cases it occurs bilaterally. The migraine is usually associated with ear ache or tooth ache . Migraine usually occur when the person experience stress or disturbed sleep . Migraine headaches usually exhibit triggers mainly stress , sleep disturbance , certain food , certain smell , loud noises etc .some patients migraine attacks are followed by an aura of sensory disturbance. Migraine treatments are usually aimed at alleviating the intensity of pain , making certain lifestyle changes also helps in controlling the migraine attack.

Migraine in ayurveda is called sooryavartha . This headache gets worsen by by sunrise reaches it’s peak by afternoon and subsides by evening , even though this is the typical feature of this headache it’s not necessary that everyone experience this symptom. Migraine in ayurveda is considered a tridoshaja vikara with predominance of mainly Vata and pitta doshas. Vata dosha controls the nervous system and brain activity thus triggering the headache though Vata is involved pitta is the most predominant dosha in migraine . As heat builds up in the blood vessel pitta displayed the dhamanis ( blood vessels ) causing steering pain thus starting the painful migraine attack . Ayurveda mainly advices Nisana parivarjanam meaning avoid Vata and pitta aggregating activities and diet . Food and lifestyle changes along with certain shodana karma gives good result in migraines.

At PVA we after a detailed history of the individual educate the patient on the diet and lifestyle changes , we after a detail checkup do any of the shodana karma like Nasya filled by shiro vasti or lepa along with certain internal medications .we also incorporate yoga into the line of treatment as pranayama and meditation has shown very good results in conquering migraine to a major extend.

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