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Arthritic Care at PVA Hospital

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints and is the most common problem people face today , it is most commonly seen in adults over the age group of 60 but it does effect the younger population too. Arthritis is mostly common in women than men . Arthritis is a different types most common ones are Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Arthritis usually presents with pain , swelling and stiffness in the joint which over a period of time reduce the wide range of movements.

According to ayurveda , the whole category of arthritic disease fall under Vataja Vikaas. Ayurvedic science believe in concept of every disease start from the amashaya ( stomach in broad term ) I.e; every disease has its origin from the stomach ,,meaning the food you eat . When your Agni (digestive fire ) is reduced indigestion occurs . The indigested food is a toxin called Ama in ayurveda. Ama in turn will increase the Vata Dosha , which being the only dosha among the 3 that can move , transport the ama all over the body . Ama gets deposited in the weaker areas , joints to cause pain , swelling and stiffness . Ayurveda treats Arthritis with assessment of the dosha , treatment of the dosha and a dietary plan.

At PVA we assess the dosha vitiation in the body and tailor make a treatment plan and diet plan for the patient . We prepare your medicine here at our facility so that you get the best results , At PVA we treat Arthritis with wide array of treatments like panchakarma , churna kizhi , internal medication under the supervision of our excellent physicians. The treatments will be done by our well trained para medical staff .

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