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Digestive Disorders

Any health problem in the digestive tract is called a digestive disorder , this can range from mild to serious some of the common problems include Irritable Bowel Syndrome , Peptic ulcer , Diarrhoea , Abdominal bloating , stomach cramps . These Digestive Disorders occur mainly because of our adventurous palate and our lifestyle .The digestive disorder are treatment usually always involve lifestyle changes .

Ayurvedic science believe the digestion plays a very important role in the well being of our health . A healthy digestive system points to a healthy individual . If there are any problem with digestion it will most definitely shown in some form in the body . There are different types of digestive issues that occur according to the vitiated dosha namely Vata , Pitta , Kapha. And these doshas most certainly get vitiated because of the food we intake . For instance consuming raw foods like salads increase the Vata in the body , hot spicy and oily kind of food vitiated pitta and heavy meals increases the kapha . Even loosing sleep or reduction in the sleep cycle will cause digestive problems as lack of sleep increases Vata in the body . Ayurveda usually provides shamana aushadi and other treatment procedures like Virechana , vasti , Vamana.

At PVA we guide you on your lifestyle changes and dietary changes after a detailed consultation with our experts . We also will do a detox procedure if required by the individual and we walk with you along the path of excellent health.

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