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Food is one of the basic necessities to sustain life but it is also one of the major factors for I’ll health in tge population . Everything in moderation is a saying we tend to forget when it comes to food and in this era food is in vogue and easily available so we tend to have food without a thought . Our palates are host to different varieties of spices and taste and kind of food , world has truly become a small place for the culinary industry but this food if not taken wisely can lead us to many diseases like cardiac issues, diabetes , obesity . Each and every disease in that list is life threatening and also has already effected majority of the world’s population . This is the reason diet plays an important role in our lives . Diet usually implies to the use of specific intake of nutrition for health . Diet usually consist of all the nutrients and minerals necessary for the body. It also helps in weight Management and keeping ourselves healthy . Diet is nothing but healthy intake of food.

Ahara in ayurveda plays a huge role in both the health and illhealth of a person , according to Ayurveda every meal we eat must contain all the 6 Rasa’s or tastes namely Madura ( sweet ) , Amla ( Sour ) , Lavana (Salty ) , Katu (Bitter ) , Tiktha ( Astringent ) , Kashaya ( Pungent ) thus balancing the doshas in our body . We usually prefer the pleasent taste of sweet , Salty , sour , to an extend we use bitter but the other two taste are not very sought after and they in turn give you an imbalanced dosha. The first line of treatment in ayurveda is called Nidana Parivarjana that means to avoid the things that make you sick and the first point in that is always ahara. Every ayurvedic Shamana Aushadi comes with a Pathya and Apathya ( do’s and Don’t) and this usually includes Food . Food / ahara nourishes the body but taken unwisely also tips the balance of the tri doshas causing Diseases.

We at PVA concentrate on the over all health of the individual and we make sure that the health you regain with us stays with you , to make sure we achieve this goal we give detail dietary regime to be followed even after you leave us . Your health is our priority .

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