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Treatment for Diabetes at PVA Ayurvedic Hospital

Diabetes is a disease where your blood glucose or blood sugar levels are too high . Most common types of diabetes are type 1 where your body does not make insulin and type 2 where your body does not make or use insulin well . Overtime high blood glucose levels leads to heart diseases , kidney diseases , stroke , eye problems, nerve damage etc . It is easy mated that 415 million people are living with diabetes that is 1 in 11 if the world’s adult population. An alarming fact and there in comes the importance of prevention and management of diabetes.

Diabetes or Prameha in ayurveda are divided in to 20 types according to their doshas . Pramey is mainly caused by kapha , all forms of prameha left untreatedleads to madhumeha ( diabetes Mellitus ) . Ayurveda talks about ojas ( extract of all the seven dhatus / tissues ) the essence of life which represent the bala ( strength ) of the body . If ojas is depleted in the body there occurs degeneration and life span also reduces . In prameha ojas of the body deplete s thus weakening your body . Ayurveda prescribes dietary chance and certain shodana karma coupled with Shamana aushadis.

At PVA we guide our patients with dietary advice and lifestyle changes , we do shodana karma such as Virechana which detoxifies the body and give a boost to the metabolism of the individual . PVA has an excellent yoga program , yoga classes are always tailor made according to the condition of the individual , yoga asanas give excellent result in diabetes patient as inactivity is on of the cases of diabetes.

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